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The hotel is ideally located at the center of town and is a heartbeat away from the city’s most exciting restaurants, bars, beaches,
shopping, And all the flip flopping fun a town like ours has to offer.

Wake Up!  you’re in Cucu Land!

So you want to see tel aviv from the inside?
Great idea! You couldn’t have chosen any better option than cucu. Why? Well, when you ask any random tel avivian what street would be considered the most central one of all - the one that runs right through the center of town, a heartbeat away from shops, restaurants, bars, the beach, the main shopping center, movie theaters and all the flip flopping fun a town like this can offer – what would they say? Go ahead. Ask them.
Ok. We’ll tell you. You guessed it. They would say “dizengoff street.” That’s right. Our street.
We would call it cucu street if we could, but that would probably require some meetings with suits, and we prefer to be here, waiting for you. So let’s just say you couldn’t have picked a better location to stay at. Tel aviv? We’ve got you covered. Wait till you see all this in real life.